Selections from "EZO MOMONGA" photobook
a fairy flits from the green forest

EZO MOMONGA don't have river or lake water
there are natural enemies, carnivorous animals, on the ground
They have to get water on trees
drops of water on leaves in summer,
snow that lies on a branches in winter help them(p.32)

their active time in winter
the first time: 3:30am to 4:30
the second: 16:30 to 17:30
go outside one after another from the nest
active times are 40min to 2hours
sleep in the nest at night with nocturnal thoughts(p.52)

EZO MOMONGA flies to me from the forest unexpectedly at dawn
his nest is to the right I know
"wrong way" I notice, soon he makes a circular flight in an instant.
Facing forward, he bend his flying membrane,
and turn over his tail.(p.57)

Some EZO MOMONGA has a great deal of personality.
When I take a look at the way someone's flying, someone is skimming my face from the back,
someone is approaching me pointing my camera at him.
They are curious and self-assertive.(p.63)

Their nest disappears unexpectedly,
because a trunk is snaped off under the weight of snow.
Still it keeps on snowing.
Winter season in HOKKAIDO is long.
As the hardness of nature, they live hard with their little bodies.
I want to yell with a loud voice(p.68)

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