Selections from "EZO MOMONGA" photobook
a fairy flits from the green forest

bathing in the morning sun on an elm tree,
it is getting on for bedtime(p.7)

Each EZO MOMONGA has his own fixed flight path(p.17)

His head sticking out of the YACHIDAMO-tree,
he wants to say something.
But he has no way to express himself.
If they could talk, we would have another wonderful world.(p.27)

On a twing of an elm tree, clenching his forefeet,
his best pose is best seen when he relaxes after he eats.
This life style never changes with the exception of a natural enemy's approach.
The hours of sunlight each day during the year accounts for their active, however.(p.28)

eat a larch tree bark
bite off a twig at 10 cm point from the tip
drop a brown old bud, eat only the bark skillfully
leave the white core like a needle(p.31)

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